Hi! I'm Jessica Schupack! I began consulting in 2015 after over 13 years of working internally for high-profile chefs and businesses. It was during my time working "in-house" when I quickly recognized the incredible benefits of Social Media Marketing (I've been doing it since it's infancy in 2006). Oftentimes, seeing more success there than with any other traditional Marketing or PR services. I saw that with the right strategy more people were coming to events, buying what we were selling and continually interested in what we were doing. 

I LOVE what I do. I LOVE spreading the word about great people, places and things. And I LOVE helping businesses enhance then show off the things that are already a part of them! PLUS I have a knack for it. 

While I've thoroughly enjoyed working with high-profile businesses, I have a love for helping the little guys. The one's who are just starting out. The one's who don't have time to think about Social Media or the budget to pay someone to do it for them - but they need it. YOU need it. So here I am now, helping you, the individuals, the new businesses, the people who want to grow!  And yes, I'm still working with some bigger businesses, but my methods are the same - keep it genuine, be authentic and show it off well! 

Here are see some of the accounts I helped build!
Landmarc Restaurant, NYC  / Facebook and Twitter
Chef Marc Murphy / Facebook and Twitter
The Smith Restaurant / Instagram
EATATPOT / Instagram
Pok Pok LA / Instagram
Pok Pok PDX / Instagram

*** Please note, the photography and writing style in the above accounts were based on specific art direction and budget by the businesses. The bottomline - ALL businesses agreed that the ROI was worth it!